Our Services

Telephone Systems - Analogue, Digital & SIP Enabled

Whether you are looking for a brand new business phone system, or simply replacing an existing one, we cover all options. We provide industry leading systems including Panasonic NCP 500 and Avaya IP Office. Along with our industry leading telephone systems we also provide the very latest in software features, applications and communication functions which serve to make your business more efficient and your work-life that bit easier.

Telephone Call Usage

By routing your calls through the Net Telecoms network you could benefit from call reductions of up to 30% compared to BT's standard rates without compromising quality. All calls are billed though our industry leading billing platform and delivered via email in an easy to read format.


There is a bewildering number of handsets and tariffs to choose from; working out which one is right for you and your business can be a highly challenging process. We are partnered with the 4 biggest UK mobile-comms providers, ensuring that you can make the best-informed decision and save you money on your existing service.

Bill Analysis & Review

Do you receive a clear and easy to understand bill from your current provider?Are you being billed for lines you don't use?Are you being billed for system maintenance on a system you no longer have?Have you upgraded your broadband and not cancelled your old broadband?We provide a no-cost comms-spend analysis supported by billing-metrics which provide easy to read and easy to manage billing in numerical and graphical formats.


Connection to our broadband couldn't be easier. We will happily demonstrate how, by switching to high speed broadband from Net Telecoms, you can be confident in receiving a faster, more reliable service than you probably receive from your current provider.

Telephone Lines

Net Telecoms are able to provide and manage business telephone lines including Analogue lines, ISDN2e, ISDN30 and SIP. Unlike most of our competitors, Net Telecom's team has embedded access to BT Openreach's ordering and scheduling platform. By purchasing lines at wholesale prices from BT Openreach, we are able to pass on savings to our customers.

Fault Reporting

24/7 fault Line reporting straight to Openreach.4 hour response to major fault,16 hour to minor fault.Free remote system health check & help desk support.

Business Continuity/Comms Recovery Planning

Central to any meaningful Business continuity-planning is Operational and Reputational risk-mitigationFor example, when it comes to data, most businesses will have some form of off-site backup to ensure continuity of information in the event of computer systems failure.Just as important, but more often overlooked, is backup-provision for telecommunications.Any phone system outage, whether short or extended, can result in considerable financial loss and operational disruption; compounded further if it occurs at a time when your business can least afford it. Without business phone systems immediately recoverable, or covered by a telecom recovery plan, your company will be 'off air' with a potential impact on both profit and reputation.A Telecom Recovery Plan is an essential component of more comprehensive Business Continuity protocols; suitable risk analysis can be conducted, either internally or with the assistance of a specialized Disaster Recovery (DR) provider to help evaluate the scale and urgency of the issue – Net Telecoms can support both.